Our shared experiences empower all mums.
We believe that every mum has at least one story to share and our platform brings these stories to life so that they may inspire. No subject is off limits – we strive to be real and relatable.
My mum struggled with depression. Despite her many skills, she has always considered herself ‘just a mum’. So when the kids grew up and left, she thought she had lost all her purpose.

When it was just my mum and dad, my dad had a near death experience – a choking hazard – but luckily my mum came to the rescue. But all this did was make her ask herself “What if I wasn’t there to help? It would just be me by myself now.” My mum was in her own head and she was scared. 

I know that my mum isn’t the only person to go through tough times. I just wanted to make sure she knew she wasn’t alone and that her story could help others get through the tough times too.
As a physio, I practice on athletes, pre and post natal women, and conduct post injury rehabilitation. I get to know all of my patients on a physical and emotional level – I see them when they’re happy, I see them when they’re sad, and I see them when they struggle.

Across my client base, I noticed that many of them had similar issues that were unrelated to rehab. Mums in particular, had issues with pregnancy, childcare, and schooling but they didn’t have anyone to talk too.

Other mums had hidden talents but no one to share them with outside of their immediate family. Imagine if there was a way to put them all in touch.
Our mission is to celebrate motherhood.