4 weeks

What they tell you:
  • Baby is the size of a poppy seed.
  • May be too early for a positive pregnancy test.
  • May have implantation bleeding or spotting.
What happened to me:
  • Period like bleeding the day before getting a positive pregnancy test.
  • Deep down feeling of being pregnant (I just knew I was) so lots of confusion as to why I was bleeding.
  • 30 minutes spent staring at a pregnancy test that didn’t show anything!
Anything new or surprising:
  • My boobs grew very quickly, this was definitely my first sign of pregnancy.

8 weeks

What they tell you:
  • Baby is the size of a raspberry.
  • Clothes might be feeling tight.
  • Morning sickness will affect most women and not just in the morning.
  • Might develop food aversions/cravings.
What happened to me:
  • Extreme tiredness and fatigue despite plenty of sleep.
  • Needing the bathroom every hour, even during the night.
  • Cravings started! Frozen peas with every meal and lots of bananas.
  • Feelings of not wanting to overexert my body. I swapped my usual workouts of Muay Thai and boxing with gym-based strengthening.
Anything new or surprising:
  • Colleagues at work mentioned I was being moody (to each other and not to my face of course). This is very unlike me (so I tell myself) and I put it down to me trying my best to buckle down and survive a few weeks of feeling sub-par.

12 weeks

What they tell you:
  • Baby is the size of a lime.
  • 12 weeks is a good time to announce the pregnancy.
  • Starting to get a baby bump/gain weight around the middle.
  • Might be suffering a low sex drive.
What happened to me:
  • No obvious sign of being pregnant however a few people mentioned I was ‘glowing’.
  • Usual levels of exercise resumed. I guess I started to feel like myself.
  • Bleeding between 12/13 weeks which caused us fear and panic. The doctors couldn’t find a cause so this cast a shadow over us hitting the 12-week mark. We wanted to celebrate with friends and family but we couldn’t.
  • Very constipated despite eating a fibre rich diet.
Anything new or surprising:
  • My mum and several friends/clients told me they too had bleeding at this stage. All the websites make out that it shouldn’t happen as part of a normal pregnancy but in my close circle it seems quite a common occurrence. I wish more people were aware of this.