Meet Soony, Singapore-based owner of restaurant Pinto Thai Tapas (Joo Chiat Road, Katong and Marina One). Listen to how she juggles her full time career in investment banking, running two restaurants, not neglecting her mummy duties to her 11 year old son and giving her time to charity work with the Thai Chamber of Commerce Singapore.

In recent times, COVID-19 has had a detrimental impact on Singapore's Thai foreign worker community with many now isolated for precaution. This has limited their choice in daily food and as any Thai would know, Thai cuisine is a fundamental part of Thai culture. Soony has been a driving force to reach this community by providing daily meals. In collaboration with other Thai restaurants and government bodies, she is ensuring Thai meals are making their way to the migrant workforce to give them the comforts of home as they battle this pandemic.

Pinto Thai Tapas is a tribute to Soony's beloved grandmother. “Pinto” is the word used in Thailand for the traditional lunch box used widely in Asia to carry tiffin meals. From her earliest years, growing up in Thailand, she holds cherished memories of the Pinto lunch box her grandmother would give her every morning to take to school. This is the experience that she is so passionate to share: freshly-made Thai food, brought to life from the pages of her grandmother’s recipe book, and presented with pride to you.