Body Changes:

  • Breasts became much less tender so lying face down became comfortable again. I think my husband was the main benefiter of this symptom ;)
  • My hair and nails were in great condition from around 18 weeks I really noticed a difference
  • I started to consistently feel kicks/tumbles/wriggles at about 21 weeks. This was hands down the best feeling when you can feel (and see) those little movements. Apparently, it all gets rather less cute and more uncomfortable come the third trimester!
  • Weight gain after 20 weeks felt beyond my control; I was certainly ‘padding down’ in the thighs/rump and (of course) belly. Seeing the scales/view in the mirror change was really hard for me as I have struggled with my weight and appearance over the years and finally since turning 30 have maintained a happy weight.
  • Even by the end of the second trimester I wasn’t noticeably pregnant so wearing maternity clothes wasn’t an option as they were too big, but much of my usual wardrobe didn’t fit either. I ended up living in denim shorts and white t-shirts.
  • Wind/gas/constipation. I got nothing but abuse for this. Unfortunately, it’s a very common pregnancy symptom. The hormone progesterone is one of the main causes of excess gas during pregnancy. As your body produces more progesterone to support your pregnancy, progesterone relaxes muscles in your body.This allows gas to build up, which in turn leads to bloating, burping, and flatulence


  • I only craved food substances (thankfully!)
  • Bananas. I could easily eat 3 bananas a day and at 24 weeks pregnant I had to “cut myself off” and go cold turkey!
  • I was always hungry/greedy but starting to get full faster after 24 weeks
  • The weirdest craving was apple sauce on..... everything! For one 48-hour period (maybe there was a full moon or something!?) I was slathering apple sauce on everything I ate and offering it around to others too (no one accepted).


  • I was very strict about maintaining my exercise regime as a way to stay fit mentally during the pregnancy, to stay strong for labour and prevent those pregnancy nasties like excessive weight gain and gestational diabetes. I was able to continue my regime (somewhat) as usual, but at a slower pace (to include boxing/muay thai/gym workouts). On the days that I genuinely felt exhausted (Vs lazy) I would absolutely rest and not force myself. In general, I continued with moderate/high intensity workouts 4 times per week.


  • Sleep was my friend!
  • Naps during the day (if work allowed) and lie-in’s on the weekend felt essential
  • Night time sleep was ‘hit and miss’. I would spend some nightly sleeping like a baby and others tossing and turning. Sometimes I struggled to get comfortable due to pelvic girdle pain, other times I just had raging insomnia and crazy brain activity (I think I was stressed) whilst other times I just kept having to pee!

Mood swings:

  • Last but not least, mood swings! Mood swings could come OUT OF NOWHERE and they were deeply unpleasant for anyone unfortunate enough to be under the same roof as me. They caused huge arguments and would have me crying/shouting/swearing (often all three!). When it happened, I couldn’t even tell you a rationale reason why I was feeling upset, but of course but I could tell you it was absolutely 100% definitely my husband’s fault! He didn’t tolerate me or them very well, even when I helpfully suggested he just agree with everything I say during these hormonal times and we laugh about how ridiculous I was being later. Hands down this was worse than pregnancy weight gain!